April 2, 2009 – New Foal

We’ve been having some interesting weather lately; it’s been warm for a few days and then cold and snowy during those other days. Because of this, I have to take advantage of any nice days to get out on the Range. I went out this week with a few goals. One was to see if I could find Corona’s harem because I knew his mare would be foaling soon. Corona is a pretty unmistakable stallion, with his face marking and rich color.

Things have changed a little for Corona’s harem since last year. Their upcoming two year old daughter is now away with Merlin, and last year’s foal has gotten big. Here is a photo of her as a young foal last year and a photo of her now.

When I found the harem, I found they did have a new foal.

The foal is a dark bay filly. She has inherited her father’s face marking.

A few new foals will be appearing periodically for the next month or so before most of the mares start foaling. Elsewhere on the Range, there are some other changes that I am keeping my eye on too that involve some missing horses. Some of these stories may be worth discussing soon too.

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