Drilling in the Peaks

Though there is a portion of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in Wyoming, most of it is in Montana; and so it is really considered a Montana wild horse area (It is actually Montana’s only federal wild horse area). Wyoming does have wild horses, but the ones most often discussed are those living in the southern part of the state. This is where most of the Wyoming wild ones live. However, up here in the north, there are actually some Wyoming wild horses too. There had been about 8 herd areas designated originally up here (one was very close to Lovell), but there are now only two herd management areas. These are the McCullough Peaks HMA and the Fifteenmile HMA.

The McCullough Peaks horses have a different genetic origin than the Pryor horses, which really makes the Bighorn Basin a nice place to see different types of wild horses. The horses there come in many colors and have pinto patterned horses too.

Up until this summer, the only time I’d ever seen the McCullough Peaks horses once while driving from Greybull to Cody. I’ve been out a couple times since as I want to learn a little more about them. The last time I went out, I was able to go along with representatives of an organization called Friends of a Legacy (FOAL). (Please check out their website for more info: http://www.friendsofalegacy.org/.) A big reason I went out this last time was to learn about the latest controversy for the Peaks, which is a proposal for petroleum exploration. There was a pretty good article about this written in the Billings Gazette, which can be accessed here: http://www.billingsgazette.net/articles/2008/10/02/news/wyoming/21-exploratory.txt. I’d highly recommend reading this and making appropriate comments to the address listed there.

When you drive out to and around the Peaks area, there’s something that is pretty noticeable; there isn’t much of anything out there but undeveloped country. Here’s an example of one area you can look out upon. (Click the picture for a bigger version.)

The horses in the Peaks are really wild relative to many of the Pryor horses.

The times I’ve been out there, I’ve also seen a good number of pronghorns.

The area really is special and is well worth knowing about. Again, if you can, it’d be beneficial to read that article and learn more about the specifics of this situation. Thanks!

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  1. Very nice photos.
    The black and white horse looks amazing, and I was wondering if you have seen him again since you took this photo. Thanks.

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