May 4, 2008 – Burnt Timber & Bighorn Canyon

I spent the 4th out on the range, starting in the Burnt Timber area. The first horses to be seen were Jackson’s family. However, his three year old grulla filly wasn’t there. The two year old black filly was just down the hill.


Jackson\'s family

Using a spotting scope, I scanned Sykes Ridge. I saw Mescalero, and I saw a new foal with his mare Dove. From that distance, I can’t get a lot of detail in my pictures, but at least I have a picture to show that foal exists.

Dove and foal

The foal looks to be a buckskin, which is pretty exciting. This is also Dove’s first foal, and so this is also exciting.

Scanning more, I discovered a new foal with Morning Star’s three year old filly. This is likely Prince’s biologic offspring, though.

Feldspar and foal

This foal looked to be a dun with a big blaze. The mother, Feldspar, also has a big blaze just like her father Starman.

Heading back down, Starman’s family had popped out.

Starman harem

Prince popped out of the trees and chased them away, and then his family came out.

Prince harem

There was another missing yearling filly from this family, and so that raises some interesting questions about having two yearlings disappear in the same area in a similar amount of time.

I headed out to Bighorn Canyon after this to see what was going on out there. On the way, I was able to get some nice pictures of a porcupine in a tree.


In the Canyon, there were 11 bighorn sheep rams and about the same number of ewes out on Mustang Flats.


Seattle’s family was nearby, and I was able to finally determine that the black foal is a colt.


I also got to see Cascade’s new foal. She was still a little touchy on the back legs, but she was getting around a little better.

Cascade Ione

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  1. Cascade really looks thin in your pictures of her and the new foal. I hope she and the foal are both doing OK. The foal seems more brown than any of the others in Seattle’s group. Will she likely “gray up” as she gets older? Or do you think she will she be the first “horse of a different color” in that group lately?


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