April 28, 2008 – Lower Sykes Ridge

I had a little time on the evening of the 28th, so I decided to go see if Admiral’s mare had foaled yet. I went out there and hiked all over the area that I’ve been seeing them out for all of my past trips. Try as I might, I could not find them. The only thing in the area were about 30 deer in about 6 groups. I figured they were in a drainage I didn’t see or something, so I headed back.

As I topped the final hill before arriving at my Jeep, I heard the sound of running horses. I grabbed my camera and scanned, and then I saw Admiral’s family running toward me. I figure a bachelor must have agitated them out of wherever they had been.

Admiral\'s family

I think these are the kinds of pictures most associated with wild horses. Truth be told, I’ve only seen this dust-and-tails flying kind of thing a few times; so this was pretty exciting to watch and photograph.

Admiral\'s family

They didn’t see me sitting on that hill, and they just kept running right past me.

Admiral\'s family

I’m sure you’ve figured it out now, but there wasn’t any new foal yet. Soon though!

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