April 22, 2008 – Bighorn Canyon

On the 22nd, I headed back out to the canyon to see if I could figure out the sex of Seattle’s new foal. On the way out, we had a really nice surprise – Blizzard was visible. Right now, this is one of the more elusive of the Dryhead families; and so it is always special to get to see them.


The past few times that they’ve been seen, the grulla roan mare Strawberry hasn’t been with them or with anyone else. However, she was back this time. Strawberry is a pretty independent mare, and this isn’t the first time she has gone off by herself like this.


Sacajawea was further up on a hill. She almost looks pregnant, but it’s hard to tell from that distance.


Sacajawea and Merlin’s 2007 colt is really good looking. He has great stripes and a two tone mane. He does look a little funny now as he has a big black patch on his face.


Seattle’s family was pretty far up, and so I didn’t get much time with them before it got too dark. Thus, I still am not sure of the sex of that foal. I am still a little hesitant to try too hard as the family is already a little touchy as it is, and so I don’t think it will hurt to be a patient for just a little longer.

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