April 20, 2008 – Bighorn Canyon

On the 20th, I wanted to see if Seattle’s mare had foaled yet. The day started out cool and cloudy, and we spotted the family upon arriving on the flats. I also saw that she had indeed foaled through my binoculars. We started walking out to them, and then it started to snow.

Seattle, Hawk, Cascade

We hid behind some junipers watching this beautiful new foal. It’s totally black, just like Seattle.

Bakken and Issaquah

We didn’t spend too much time there as we didn’t want to accidentally stress the foal out any more. I am fairly sure it had been born the evening before or early the morning of this day, so this was not a fun first day of life for it. Because of the time constraint, and the visibility from the snow, I couldn’t determine for certain if it was male or female. I am pretty sure it is a filly, but I couldn’t verify that.

Issaquah and Bakken

This was the beginning of what would actually be a pretty big snowstorm in the Bighorn Basin. However, I wasn’t too concerned with the foal surviving it. With the three mares, three offspring, and Seattle, I knew she would be kept plenty warm and sheltered.

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