April 12, 2008 – Dryhead Horses

On the 12th, I headed out to Bighorn Canyon with the goal of seeing how one of Seattle’s mares was doing with her pregnancy. Just before I entered the range, I saw two horses run across the road. I knew right away that it was Sam and Hightail, but I wasn’t sure why they were running. By the time I got up there, they were already quite a distance away.

Sam and Hightail

I looked the other direction to see what had caused them to run, and I saw a dark bay horse up the way. I recognized him as Admiral. He was a good distance away, but I knew where to get a better look from up the highway.

Admiral was moving pretty fast back north when I saw him.


I was curious as to why Admiral had been so aggressive in getting Sam and Hightail out of wherever they had been. I wondered if perhaps Admiral’s mare had foaled and this caused him to be more touchy. There was also the possibility that Admiral simply did not want the others to be so close. Whatever the case, I decided to go see the whole family.

By the time I arrived, Admiral was laying down resting while the others grazed nearby.


Seneca and Ghost Dancer

There was no new foal, and so I guess Admiral just wanted to make sure no other horses were nearby then. I did end up going further in to see Seattle’s family, and there was no new foal there either.

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