April 5, 2008 – Lower Sykes Ridge

We headed up Lower Sykes Ridge on April 5. As we went up, we saw Corona’s family in a grassy area.


Corona\'s family

You probably notice here that today Corona’s family had an extra member – A new foal!

We believe this to be the first foal of 2008 born. It is a little filly that is dark bay in color and has a large star, a back right pastern, and a faint dorsal stripe.

Icara and Waif

Icara and Waif

Icara and Waif

The mare Waif was the first to foal last year, and so it wasn’t total chance for us to find this new foal. Corona and Waif’s 2007 foal is a foal no longer – She is now a yearling, and she is pretty big.


Halo has changed a bit since she was first seen as a long legged red bay with a large star. I am planning a post showing the 2007 foals as young horses along with photos of them now.

We went and looked in another area to see about any other horses. I was happy to see Admiral in there as it’d been a while since I’d seen his family. That is indeed a fence Admiral is behind, but he isn’t separated from his family. That is a boundary fence between the Park Service and BLM portions of the range, and there is a big open gate just about fifty feet down from where Admiral was.


The filly is looking great as she reaches her second year. She is looking like a little clone of her mother, with the large star and the great leg stripes.

Ghost Dancer

The mare Seneca is looking like she could be close to having a new foal, so I am keeping an eye out for any new ones with them.


Foal season is definitely upon us, and there are a few other very pregnant mares out there that I am watching. So be expecting lots of new faces on the blog as we progress into the Spring.

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