April 3, 2008 – Burnt Timber

I was able to get my first trip back up to see the horses on April 3, and we went up Burnt Timber. Lakota and Teton’s families were near the road while we could see Duke and Jackson’s families only with the spotting scope. We also saw Santa Fe’s family near the catchment, and so we walked out there to see how they were.

Santa Fe and Broken Bow were grazing and keeping watch while the grulla mare and the two fillies grazed nearby.

Two Boots and Broken Bow

Gabrielle, Halle, Demure

We left them and saw some other horses on the way back. Upon closer inspection, I was excited to see it was Two Boots with Looking Glass’ former duns.

Two Boots and family

Two Boots is looking pretty good as are the duns.

Two Boots and Gold Rush

Sequoyah and Hanta Yo

As we watched them, Santa Fe started moving his family out toward where Two Boots had his.

Santa Fe family

As Santa Fe got closer, he ran out to meet Two Boots.

Santa Fe runs

Two Boots was awaiting him, and the two did a lot of posturing and noisemaking.

Santa Fe and Two Boots

Santa Fe and Two Boots

Santa Fe ran back from Two Boots to check on his family.

Santa Fe and Two Boots

Two Boots’ family was content still, and Two Boots followed Santa Fe.

Golden Girls

Santa Fe and Two Boots

The two started up with the posturing again.

Two Boots and Santa Fe

Two Boots and Santa Fe

Things settled, the stallions returned to their families.

Two Boots and Santa Fe

Two Boots snaked his family a little further down while Santa Fe watched.

Two Boots snakes

Santa Fe watches

It was great seeing Two Boots, and it was a lot of fun watching him interact with Santa Fe. These aren’t two of the strongest stallions, but they both have great families and their intelligence likely helps them with their family gathering skill.

Also, as an interesting note, Santa Fe has Two Boots’ former family; and Two Boots is Santa Fe’s father. Broken Bow was Two Boots’ former mare, and Demure is his daughter. The two fillies are Two Boots’ granddaughters. However, Santa Fe is not part of the “Broken Bow lineage.”

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