March 8, 2008 – Burnt Timber

We headed up Burnt Timber on the 8th to see what horses would be out on that sunny day. We saw Lakota and Starman’s families down lower. We had a nice surprise a bit higher, though. Jackson had his family out; I hadn’t seen them since the fall.

Jackson’s family

Jackson’s family had grown since I last saw them – He had Lakota’s black 2006 filly. The 2007 colt is getting big and looking great. He has a smudgy face like his dad but the hint of a two tone mane like his mom.


Further up is where I’d been consistently seeing White Cloud for the past few trips. On the way up, I spotted them down lower than usual on a ridge coming off of the flats. Upon a little closer examination, I noticed that the family was pretty nervous. Compare this with the photos I took previously where the family hardly paid attention to me. To see a stallion and mares huddled up to the young ones while being so alert typically means they aren’t too comfortable.

White Cloud family

What was the reason for this behavior? Well, I think I know the reason based on what was actually on the main flats. There were some ATV’s driving all around up there, going offroad into the snow and such. I think this is all well illustrated with this photo of their tracks going over a “road closed” barrier.


I have no problems with recreation up there until it crosses certain lines: I don’t think that the horses should be unnecessarily stressed, especially in the winter. I also don’t like people going off road as it can cause degradation and influence others to follow in their tracks. I can’t be anti-ATV or any of that as I have met some really great fellow horse watchers who travel on them; it’s just unfortunate when people do stuff like this as it makes the whole lot look bad.

Heading back down, I was happy to see that Teton’s family had come out.  Teton’s losing his black winter coat and going back into his roan coat.

Teton and Wounded Knee

Phoenix is perhaps not looking her best, but she is an older horse that’s had many offspring.


Fiesta is also starting to lose his winter coat; he is still pretty bay but is starting to get a little more roan.


As usual, the 2007 colt is still looking to be a really interesting color. We’re calling him buckskin roan, but I’d be interested to hear any other opinions on him.


I haven’t been the first to say this ever, but I really am reminded of a panda when I see him.

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