March 12, 2008 – Burnt Timber

Continuing my monitoring of the Burnt Timber horses on the 12th, I was happy to see Jackson again. This time Jackson had a new family member, even though it had just been a few days since I’d last seen him. Recall that when I saw Baja last, he didn’t have the 2005 filly with him. Well, Jackson has her now; but I’m not sure where she was between being with Baja and Jackson.


It was nice being able to see Brumby and the colt in better light as they are such pretty horses.



Flicka is usually hard to take a good photo of, but she was watching the 2005 filly closely – The family was seeming a little uneasy about her then; I think she had just joined them earlier that day. This is how I was able to get such good pictures of them being alert.


It looked like Jackson and the black 2006 filly had found a mud puddle to play in recently.



Doing some long distance scoping, I saw something interesting, which I tried to photograph here.

Duke and Two Boots

With a spotting scope, I could get a much better view of these horses. However, I can describe what is being seen here. The big group down below is Duke’s family. The few horses above them in the junipers are with Two Boots. Not every member is visible in this picture, but they did all show themselves eventually while I watched. So what’s so interesting about this? Well, it is neat to see Duke’s family. It is really interesting to see Two Boots with a family, though. I’d started to wonder if he was even still alive, and I wouldn’t have guessed he’d have a family. (As a side note, Two Boots is the father of Jackson.) Upon closer examination, Duke also had some new family members.

So where did these “extra” horses come from with Two Boots and Duke? These are members of Looking Glass’ family. Two Boots has the dun part of the family while Duke has the grulla part (minus the 2005 colt who is with the bachelor Doc lower down).  This raises a really big question – Where is Looking Glass? I did see a dun bachelor in the area, but it looked more like Sandman than Looking Glass. This is definitely something I will be interested to learn more about.

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