February 17, 2008 – Mustang Flats

On the 17th, I made a quick trip out to Bighorn Canyon to see if I could see any horses. The first wildlife I saw were some sheep.


Once on Mustang Flats, I saw Seattle’s family. Seattle and his lead mare Beauty were grazing together in a drainage while the rest of the family was a little higher up.

Seattle and Beauty


Seattle’s family

Seattle’s foals are getting big, and they are looking to be in great health.

Seattle’s foals

As I headed back the sun came out, and I saw Sam and Hightail at Crooked Creek Bay before leaving the range.

Sam and Hightail

The day before, the Mustang Center’s president had been out in the area watching the horses too. He was able to see Blizzard, Sacajawea, and the colt foal. Blizzard’s original grulla roan mare was not there, and so I am thinking she was likely not there when I last saw them either. It will be interesting to see what has happened to her.

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