February 2008 Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Evaluation

The final version of the BLM’s Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Evaluation was put out this week. You can read a PDF of the entire document by clicking here. Also, you can click here for the Dear Reader letter, here for the “Q and As”, and here for the press release.

You may have also read about this in a newspaper article published this week. To access the article in one newspaper, please click here.

This new BLM document really establishes the potential for some very serious events to occur in the Pryors. It’s worth being informed on it. I am also putting together a little writeup of my own about the document that I might put up here which mainly addresses the potentially biggest area of concern, which is the BLM’s desired herd size.

Due to weather, I haven’t been able to see the horses; but I am hoping the weather is nice enough this weekend to go spotting.

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  1. Hi Mat,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your updates and I wanted to ask you some questions about the horses. Do you know about the blue roan mare with a big star that was named Sitka and was with Cloud and died in 2006. A part from Flint, do you know about all the other foals she had over the years and if they are stil alive? Of what horses is Triggers band composed of and which mares are the mothers of his to 2007 foals and 2006 yearlings. Which horses are sons or dauthers of Raven? Is there a liver chestnut bachelor on the mountain and has he won any mares? Does Opposit have any ofsprings and with which mares? Which mare of Starmans has foald in 2007? How old is Eclips? Who’s sun is he and does he have any stockings and can you discribe his mare? Has Teton had any surviving foals with his dun mare and with which stallion did she have Merlin? Does Merlin have any foals besides the one born in 2007? What color is Coronas mother and what other horses are sons or dauthers of Sam?
    Thanks for your time and sorry I know that there are alot of questions but you are the only person I know that can answer them.
    Big hug

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