January 4, 2008 – Burnt Timber & Lower Sykes

Our original plan on the 4th was to head up Burnt Timber. We just weren’t seeing a lot there, but we could see that there were many horses around lower Sykes Ridge. We headed back down and saw Lakota’s family on our way.

Lakota’s family

I noticed that the dun yearling wasn’t with them. The next day, I found out she had gone back to her family with Santa Fe. I’m still unsure of where Lakota’s black yearling daughter is, but there are many Burnt Timber horses we haven’t seen since she left.

Lakota’s foals are looking great and are very striking. The filly is looking like she may be a liver chestnut roan like her mother is.

Lakota foals

Once on lower Sykes, the first family we found was Sitting Bull’s.

Sitting Bull

Their daughter is looking a lot like her mother still. Remember that this is the December foal from last year; she is now a yearling.

Cec Gab

Bolder’s family was nearby them.


Bolder family

However, Shaman wasn’t with the family. At this time, I am still unsure of where he is.

Bristol and his yearling filly mate were near them.



Walking from them, I saw Coronado’s family. His filly foal is looking just like him.

Coronado’s family

It appeared that they were getting their minerals from the red dirt.

Coronado family

Teton’s family was also nearby.

Teton’s family

A distance away, I had a nice surprise – I found Merlin.  And he had Starbuck’s family.

Merlin family

The gash on Merlin’s mouth looked pretty well healed.


The two year old filly, Durango’s daughter, seems to be looking prettier each time I see her.


The mare and her colt foal are also looking good.

Belle Starr


By the time we got back to the road, it was getting dark. I saw Sam and Hightail, though; and there was enough light to photograph them.



It was an excellent day for viewing, but there are still some unanswered questions that I am curious about.

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