December 29, 2007 – Burnt Timber

On the 29th, we decided to see what we could see on Burnt Timber. The first horse we spotted was the bachelor Doc. He was alone then; he’d been spending most of his time with the older bachelor Two Boots this summer and fall. I won’t be surprised if the two are back together again next time I see them, though.


Higher up, we found Littlefoot and White Cloud’s families. They were on an island ridge in the middle of Big Coulee. It was a long ways away, but we could use our binoculars to determine that they were all present.

Littlefoot and his filly were up higher on the ridge.

Littlefoot and Cass

White Cloud and his family were lower in the trees.

White Cloud

White Cloud family

That was about as high as we needed to go, so we started back down. On the way down, we spotted Lakota’s family.

Lakota family

Santa Fe’s family emerged and started moving toward Lakota’s family.

Santa Fe family

As they moved closer, the filly foal in Santa Fe’s family saw the yearling filly in Lakota’s family that had been part of her family. She ran to her and interacted with her.

Gabrielle and Halle

While her family watched, their foal hung out with Lakota’s family.

Lakota family

The proximity of the two families soon caused tension to arise between the two stallions.

Santa Fe and Lakota

Santa Fe and Lakota

This caused the filly foal to run back to her family.


Once the families were all together again, they drifted apart. Lakota’s family went into the trees while Santa Fe’s grazed in the area.

Santa Fe’s family

By this time, it was pretty late; and so we went home. We could see down into the Lower Sykes Ridge area and saw a number of horses, but it was too dark to identify them at that point.

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