December 22, 2007 – Lower Sykes Ridge

We made a trip to lower Sykes Ridge in hopes of learning more about Merlin and Starbuck’s families. The first horses we encountered were Exhiliration and his former family members.

He was sleeping in front of a juniper.


Admiral, his mare, and her daughter were nearby. Admiral’s winter coat really shows his golden-red highlights.


Seneca and Ghost Dancer

Seattle’s family was higher up in some junipers. I didn’t really get any pictures of them as I’d seen them earlier, and it would have been hard to not bother them where they were.

Seattle’s family

Further up from them we found the Dryhead bachelors – Medicine Bow, Fools Crow, and Fiero. Medicine Bow’s winter coat really shows his dun factor; his dorsal stripe is really dark this year.

Medicine Bow and Fools Crow


Further up from them, we walked out onto a point that provides a good view of some areas that horses are often at. In the distance, we spotted Durango’s family. I was very eager to see them, especially the foal.

Durango’s colt foal was watching his father graze below when I arrived.


If I were to pick the most outstanding foal of 2007, I think I’d definitely pick this one.


The colt eventually roamed down the hill to his father, and his mother soon followed.

Durango family

I’m very eager to watch as Durango’s colt grows up and moves into his final color. With the pictures I have posted of Durango’s offspring, it is pretty obvious that he has some strong genetics that create very pretty horses. Durango’s father, Sir Lancelot, was also a very striking stallion; he looked a lot like Durango and his son Blizzard.

Seeing the bachelors and Durango’s family was a perfect Christmas present. But there are still some unsolved events on Lower Sykes Ridge that will be reason to return.

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