December 8, 2007 – Lower Sykes Ridge

For my first trip out to the range in a few weeks, I had a goal – To see some of the Dryhead horses. We went to the lower Sykes Ridge area for this as this is an area these horses can often be seen in this time of year.

The first horses that I found were Medicine Bow and Fiero.

Medicine Bow


You may be wondering where the other usual member of this group, the blue roan, is. Last I’d known, he had been following his mother around; and I hope to see how that is turning out next time I go out.

Bristol and his young filly were also nearby these bachelors.


While taking these pictures, I also caught a glimpse of another horse. On closer inspection, I saw that it was the bachelor Pepy.


On the way back down, we saw some horses off in the distance; and so we hiked to them.

It was Sam and his mare.

Sam Hightail

Down from them was Admiral’s family.


I caught another glimpse of a horse in some trees in the general area, and it turned out to be Exhilaration.


On the way out of the wild horse range, I had somewhat of a surprise. I saw some animals walking along, but they were cows. Unless being trailed through there, cows aren’t supposed to be there. I’m not sure how they got in or if they are even still there, but I am sure the situation will be taken care of by the BLM very quickly.


As you can see, winter is setting in here. This really changes watching the wild horses. They are more difficult to find, and extra care must be taken to not stress them in any way as they need to conserve as much energy as possible. Thus, you’ll find that my pictures this time of year are perhaps not as exciting or sharp as I am taking them from a distance and cropping them heavily. Nonetheless, the horses are interesting to see in this setting and with their changing coats.

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