Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Draft Evaluation

I’m still not in Wyoming, but I do know of some changes. Lakota’s black yearling filly is now with Jackson, and Lakota once again has Jackson’s yearling filly who had been with Santa Fe.

One thing to look at is the recently released Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Draft Evaluation. From what I understand, this document is an initial step in seeing how the range is being managed. I think this will culminate in the writing and/or revision of the Herd Management Area Plan for the range. If you can, I think that looking at this document and being informed of the BLM’s probable actions would be very valuable. It’s important that we get well informed on these issues from the beginning so that we can do everything we can to make sure the range is managed as best as it can be. This isn’t really a document that can be appealed against, but the BLM is welcoming any objective and technical information that should be better addressed or known. I haven’t had time to fully read the document yet, but I will try to summarize it here as I do read it.

In the mean time, the full PDF version of the document can be found by clicking on the appropriate link at the Billings Field Office’s wild horse page, which can be accessed by clicking here.

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