November 4, 2007 – Mountaintop

November 4 was another warm sunny day on the mountain. There were many horses visible. The first family we found was Teton’s. It wasn’t any surprise that the two year old colt was back with the family.

Teton family

Also, I haven’t posted any pictures of Phoenix’s wound lately; so here is one I took that day.


Chino’s family was just a short distance away. As his winter coat comes in, Chino is really showing his buckskin color.


Chino’s lookalike mares are actually a mother and daughter.

Chino’s mares

The grulla yearling colt in the family is the last of Tony’s offspring.


The colt foal is turning into a very beautiful grulla.


A number of families were spread out in the meadows around Penn’s Cabin. White Cloud’s September foal is still alive, and I was able to get some pictures of her near her sister who was born in the summer for size comparison.



As we were leaving, Bolder’s family moved to a small frozen pond to water. It was fun watching them paw at the ice to break it up so they could eat and drink it.

Bolder family

Bolder family

As can be seen, there wasn’t much snow on the mountain then; and there is even less now that the weather has remained warm and sunny. Hopefully the mountains will have some good snowstorms soon to start the snow pack.

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  1. Hey Matt. It’s been a while since I’ve read any of the blogs. Thanks again for keeping us all updated on the horses!!
    About Phoenix- is it just me, or does she really look out of condition…..? Comparing her to the other horses she looks quite ribby and her backbone is showing. Do you know how old she is? I’m hoping her wound hasn’t kept her from getting into condition for the winter- one less breeding mare with the herds will be a disaster.
    Anyway, I hoping the fall foals will be strong enough to make it through the winter. They really ARE quite small, aren’t they?

  2. Hello there,

    Phoenix is perhaps looking more rough this season. But she is an older horse who has had many offspring. I think she has seven living on the range right now, in fact. She was born in 1991. If she does die this winter, then she will have left behind quite a legacy.

    I’ve not been on the range for two weeks, but I think that there haven’t been any foal losses yet. The small ones will have a tough life in their first winter, and it is possible that they will survive.

    Thanks for your comment,

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