October 16, 2007 – Mountain Horses

On October 16 we made a trip on the mountain to help a photographer find the Pryor horses. We arrived early and saw only a couple of families. Because we had the extra time we decided to see if we could see any of the elusive Forest Service horses. We continued to drive along looking for these horses, and I caught a glimpse of a black horse in between some trees down from the road. We walked down there and found that there were actually three families of horses in the area.

FS horses

The closest family was Trigger’s.


Trigger’s foals are doing well. They are the two on the left. Though I didn’t get to capture it in any pictures, the younger of the foals has amazing wither bars. The horse on the right is a yearling who is biologically the son of Star.

Trigger’s foals

I was also happy to see his dun yearling back with the family. She is the one who had previously been with Flint.


Pierre’s family, now with Shane, was near Trigger’s family.


The family is doing well. Pierre’s two year old colt is still with the family, and he is looking great as he matures into his final blue roan color.


The blue roan colt foal and black filly foal are also growing up well.

Pierre’s colt

Pierre’s filly foal

Eclipse was further up on the hill overlooking the families.


His filly foal was playing in the sagebrush while his mare slept beneath a tree.

Eclipse’s filly

Driving back, a number of families had moved out to the meadows near Penn’s Cabin. Bradson/Bolder, Teton, Littlefoot, Mescalero, and Morning Star’s families were there. We could see Lakota, Duke, and Santa Fe’s families as well. Morning Star’s September foal seems to be growing up well.

MS’s foal

As we drove back down Burnt Timber, we saw Baja’s family as well near where we had seen Starman’s family earlier in the day. We had an excellent day that day; and that is fortunate as the following days were stormy.

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  1. Was Star a bay stallion and did he have any markings? What happened to him?

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