October 4, 2007

I’m so sorry for my delay in writing. Things have been busy lately, and there isn’t much news to report on the horses that I know about.

Today I went on the mountain, and it was snowing and very foggy when I arrived.


I walked to the pond, and I just couldn’t find any fresh tracks or signs of the horses around the main trails in that area. As I drove around the same held true. As I was starting down the mountain, I did see a horse run across the road a distance ahead. Driving closer, I saw it was Morning Star’s family. Though they were moving fast and visibility was low, I am fairly sure that I did see his September foal was still there. The only photograph I could take before they were gone was one of Morning Star going into the snow and fog.

Morning Star

When I got back down, I headed out into the lowland parts of the range. I saw Sitting Bull’s family quite a distance out on Turkey Flats. Admiral’s family was near Crooked Creek Bay. On Mustang Flats I was happy to see Seattle’s family as they headed down to water. I have most frequently been seeing them with binoculars on the mountainside above Mustang Flats. The family was moving down the road, and so I couldn’t get any great photographs of them without risk of stressing them. I did get a good look at one of Seattle’s mares that was hanging back a little, though. As a point of interest, this grulla mare is the mother of Cloud’s grulla mare who just had the latest foal.


Driving back, I was surprised to see three coyotes run across the road. By the time I was able to stop, they were already a good distance away; but they were certainly beautiful.


Just a few miles from them, I encountered a group of rams walking down the road. One ram really stuck out from the rest, his horns were more curly and he was more scarred than his younger friends.


By the time I got back to town, the Pryors had cleared off; and they may very well be melted off again by this weekend when I hope to get back on the mountain. I hope to have more to post then!

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