Looking Glass’ Colt

Early on September 22, 2007, I saw a number of families together in a grassy area. Looking Glass was also nearby with his family.

Looking Glass family

As Teton and Mescalero’s families drifted closer to Looking Glass’ family, Looking Glass’ two year old colt started to move to them.


Teton’s two year old colt and colt foal came out as he approached, and the two year olds started to play.

Ferdinand Fiesta

Ferdinand Fiesta

Soon after this, Stiles, the bachelor who is always with Teton’s family, came out too. I’m not sure if he was thinking he needed to help Teton’s two year old, or if he just wanted to play. In any event, Looking Glass’ colt started playing with him too.

Ferdinand Stiles

The noise accompanying this play brought two bachelors, Two Boots and Doc, out of the woods; and they joined in the playing too.

Ferdinand and boys

Ferdinand and boys

All of this action brought the stallion Mescalero up to investigate.

Ferdinand and boys

With that, Looking Glass’ colt tried to get Mescalero to play with him while Mescalero’s foal looked on.

Ferdinand and Mescalero

Mescalero then drifted off, and Doc came back to play some more.

Ferdinand and Doc

About this time, Coronado (Red Raven) moved his family into the area; and Looking Glass’ colt ran out to get him to play too.

Ferdinand and Coronado

Ferdinand and Coronado

It wasn’t long before Coronado returned to his family, and the closest stallion around was Two Boots. Two Boots is an older bachelor stallion, and I have noticed he isn’t really into playing. However, Looking Glass’ colt was very determined to get him to play. To provoke him, he bit onto his tail and kept pulling it. Notice how patient Two Boots is as he does this.

Ferdinand and Two Boots

Ferdinand and Two Boots

After a few minutes, Two Boots had enough, and he reached around and bit the colt. This was just what the colt wanted, and he tried to play with Two Boots.

Ferdinand and Two Boots

Two Boots bit him a couple more times, and the colt didn’t have too much fun with this. I think all of the other stallions he played with were being gentle with him, but Two Boots just wasn’t in the mood after having his tail pulled. The colt called out to his family, they called back, and he ran to them.


By the end, Looking Glass’ colt had been playing for about 30 minutes. Watching this was great, and I think it was one of the most amusing things I have ever seen with the Pryor horses. Looking Glass has some excellent offspring, and I think that this daring colt will be following in their footsteps to become a great stallion.

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  1. Once again : Thank you.

  2. You’re very welcome! And thank for your support and inspiration in getting this blog up and running.

    • Who is Ferdinand’s mother? Is it Sequoyah

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