Another September Foal, 2007

Last week (sometime around September 16, 2007), a foal was born. The foal is a filly, and she is the daughter of White Cloud and his grulla mare. I got my first look at her yesterday when they came to water. She is black, and she has a small star.

Aztec and filly

The filly foal joins two other filly foals who were born earlier this season.

White Cloud family

A few minutes after this, Lakota brought his family in; and White Cloud left. However, the new filly foal wasn’t wanting to leave yet. Her mom stood by as she cautiously approached the water. She had watched her family play in the water, and she seemed to want to play as well. All this amounted to, though, was her pawing at the mud at the water’s edge.

Aztec filly

Her grulla mom then made her come so they could meet up with the rest of the family.

Aztec filly

Aztec and filly

However, as they were leaving, Lakota’s colt and filly foals decided they wanted to play with the little filly.

Aztec and friends

Aztec and friends

Before the foals could play, though, they got pushed away by the grulla mare. I continued to stay at the pond to watch other families coming in through the afternoon. When I left, I got another look at White Cloud’s family above the pond.

White Cloud family

The little filly was very playful, and she kept running to her family members while her mom followed behind. My last look of her that afternoon was her chasing White Cloud’s dun filly over a hill.

Aztec filly

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