September 2, 2007 – Mescalero

Shortly after seeing Looking Glass’ family on the 2nd, Mescalero and his family came over the hill to water.

Mescalero family

Mescalero is the son of Shaman. He is dun roan in color. As can be seen in his face, he is a very pretty shade of dun like his father. Mescalero does have very subtle primitive markings due to his dun color; his dorsal stripe can be seen here.

Mescalero family

Mescalero still has his first mate that he ever had. When he got her a few years ago, he was the youngest stallion with a family on the wild horse range. She is a very pretty grulla filly who has not yet foaled. As can be seen here, it looks like she is starting to get her fuzzy winter coat.


Mescalero’s other mate is this black mare.


Last year when Teton got hurt and lost his family, Mescalero got this mare and her yearling grulla colt. The colt ended up getting adopted last summer, but she has a new foal this summer. This filly isn’t the daughter of Mescalero; she is actually Teton’s daughter as the black mare was pregnant before Mescalero got her.


This filly foal has already changed colors a lot. It’s fun watching the foals change colors and finally take on their final appearance; I am planning on doing some posts about the color evolution of foals.

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  1. It would be great to have a thread just on the information of the color evolution of foals! It’s something that has always confused me. Even though I worked for a short period of time on an Arabian breeding farm I never could tell the final coat color of the foals. The Master of Horses of course could tell right away, but I was always just guessing. I would have loved to stay there and worked forever with the foals, but since it was also a show barn I didn’t like the “training” practices and left in disgust. And this barn was gentler than most, too. I felt the foals should have been gentled and handled right at birth, but instead (for show purposes) they were left alone until sent to a “trainer” at about 2 years of age. This supposedly kept their “wildness”. Too many of them were too wild, even after “training”, to suit me. When you have yearlings crashing through three stock gates in a frenzy to get away from you, something is very wrong. Anyway- down off my soapbox.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences at that hosre training area.

    Watching the foals come into their final color really is great. They are full of surprises, and so we sometimes have to keep changing our record of their color until they are two. I’ve definitely been wanting to put together a display at the mustang center showing the color evolution of horses. Because we have photographs of many of the current stallions growing up, it would also be fun to feature them.

    As I do this, I will also put together some posts about foals that have gone through striking color changes. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Is Dove Cloud’s sister and does Diamond’s black mare and their roan filly have a name?

  4. Is Dove Cloud’s sister?

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