Dryhead Horses – Late August

For the past few days I have been going to Bighorn Canyon a lot to try and find a particular mare. A couple visitors to the mustang center have told me she has an injury, and I would like to see it myself. I still haven’t had any luck, but a visitor this morning saw her; and so I hope she is still there this afternoon. These trips out there haven’t been a waste at all, though, as the horses out there are always a pleasure to see.

On the evening of August 24, 2007, I saw Blizzard and his mare heading to water. Blizzard is Durango’s son; he is six years old this summer.


Blizzard’s grulla roan mare is the mother of the blue roan two year old bachelor who is with the other Dryhead bachelors.


The bachelors were nearby as these two went to water.



On the morning of August 25, 2007, it was a little chilly in the canyon; and the horses were up pretty high. I did see a golden eagle on the way out, though.


Durango’s family was resting on the morning of August 26, 2007. The colt was laying in some grass while the rest of his family stood together above him.


Durango family

Just down the road from them, the bachelors were grazing together.


Seattle’s family was also nearby. One of his mares, her two year old colt, her new colt foal, and the filly foal from the family were together.

Seattle family

The lead mare stood on the hill watching them.


Seattle was trying to get some sleep; his other mare can be seen above him in the junipers.


A few minutes later, the family seemed to decide they would go pester Seattle. The foals nuzzled and bit him while the mares stood over him.
Seattle family

Seattle family

After a few minutes, they stopped bothering Seattle and ended up resting with him.

On the evening August 27, 2007, I still could not find that mare. I ended up seeing Durango and his family as they went to water. I also saw a number of deer, I think I ended up seeing about 8 of them.


On my way out, Admiral’s family was near Crooked Creek Bay. Initially the three were resting.

Admiral family

Soon after, though, they moved into a nearby field of sunflowers.


Admiral’s mare and her yearling were side by side, and their great stripes were very visible then. The yearling looks like a miniature version of her mom. This mare is also the mother of the bay bachelor with the tomahawk shaped blaze.



Hopefully I’ll be able to find the mare with the injury soon, I’ll be sure to write about anything I find with her.

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