I had a lot of fun in Bighorn Canyon yesterday; I helped a group to find and learn about the Pryor horses out there. We were able to see Admiral, Corona, and Seattle’s families. On the way back, we got to see a group of sheep. It was fun to see the lambs with them, and there was also a young ram there.

Sheep 1

Sheep 2

On the way down, we spotted Bristol and his filly near Crooked Creek Bay. Bristol is a pretty grulla stallion. He has a bad leg, though; and so it has been hard to predict how his life would play out. Pryor horses are tough, though, and last year he got this filly – I don’t even think she was a year old when he got her. He loves her; and he is often hard to find, likely because he has to stay away from other stallions who could easily overpower him. It was lucky to get some good photographs of the two.

Bristol’s bad leg is easily visible; it is the front right one.


The filly is looking great as she grows.

Bristol’s filly

It will be interesting to see how this family ends up.

Bristol and filly

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  1. Thanks Matt for letting us know about Clouds mom. I guess the hair sloughed off, leaving a visible area that looked worse that it actually was? Glad to know it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked! Thanks for the update on Raven, too. I don’t know what you were referring to, but I’m happy to know he is OK fine. He looks well and hale to me, by the way! Unfortunately, due to memory loss I am unable to remember many of the horses names. I wish I could, so that I may be able to ask about them specifically. Please keep posting as you are, and keep up the good work with the pictures. I’ll ask about specific horses as their names come to me. I just like hearing that they are doing well, and the pictures are spectacular. Glad to hear the fires are no threat, at least for now. Thanks Matt! RCG

  2. Is Bristol Cloud’s brother?

    • Was Britsol born in 1997 and is he the son of Raven and Grumpy Grulla?

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