Phoenix is a palomino mare who is a part of Teton’s family. She is best known for being Cloud’s mother. This summer, it has been difficult to view her without noticing a large gash on her left rear. I have a theory on how the gash formed, and I have heard a number of other theories; but we’ll likely never know its true origin. (Feel free to write in if you are interested in my theory.) What we do know for certain is how it has changed over time.

The first time I noticed a mark on her was on June 24, 2007. At this point, she had a relatively small cut on her flank.


Just about a week later, on July 1, 2007, this cut had grown into a broad gash.

July 1, 2007

By the 29 of July, it looked like it was healing and opening up her flank; but it also seemed to be filling in.


This week, it is still healing and opening upward, with the top of the wound being at her tail.


The above photograph was taken when I first saw the family on the morning of August 5, 2007. I left them and then saw them a few hours later while they went to water. By this point, the wound had opened more and was bleeding. She reached back to lick the wound a couple of times then, and so this is possibly what caused the wound to temporarily reopen before once again scabbing over.

I’ll continue to post updated pictures of the wound.

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  1. Ouch! That looks quite nasty! The fact that it keeps growing is worrisome- is that kind of thing usual with sores in the wild? I wonder if she got from a stallion (bite, hoof). Or maybe another mare in a tussle. OR perhaps a tree branch snagged her. OR maybe it’s even a mountain lion attack wound. MY! Sure makes one wonder, doesn’t it? I hope this wound heals and doesn’t linger and bring down her health. Thanks for keeping us updated on how she’s doing. How are Bolder and Shaman? Are they still taking care of Shaman’s herd together? Has Bolder been able to keep the herd?

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