It’s a mystery!

Last month, someone asked us to identify a horse they had seen in the Pryors. They were worried about it as they said it looked like it had been in a big fight. Fights can indeed be deadly to horses – Last summer two stallions died as a result of injuries sustained in fights. The horse was described to us as being white with four black socks. This isn’t really the type of color pattern seen in Pryor horses, and so we had no clue who this horse was. The prospect of this mystery horse was initially intriguing. In the late 1990’s, a previously unknown Pryor stallion made himself visible after years in some remote part of the range; and so I thought this might be a similar case. However, shortly after that, we were e-mailed pictures of him; and he was definitely not a Pryor horse.

On July 8, 2007, we searched in hopes of seeing this mystery horse. I spotted him shining from a distant meadow and walked to him. I was still quite a distance away when he started to approach me.

White horse

Whoever the horse is, he has had plenty of human contact in his life.

White horse

From his appearance and calm disposition, it was clear he had been a domestic horse. Luckily, he was a gelding; and so there was no danger of him breeding with the Pryor horses and putting non-Spanish blood into the herd. Where could this horse have come from?

White horse

Shortly after we had seen him, he was removed from the range. Hopefully this mystery horse can be reunited with someone who loves him!

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