Bolder & Shaman

It is very exciting to watch young stallions grow strong and smart enough to start their own family. This year, Bolder has grown a lot. Bolder is best known as Cloud’s son, who was taken with his mother by the stallion Shaman. Bolder continued to be a part of Shaman’s family as he grew up, and now Shaman is a part of Bolder’s family.

This March, we hiked into Sykes Ridge in hopes of seeing the horses that winter there. Sykes Ridge is covered in hills and canyons, many of which are forested. It is thus difficult to find horses visually. However, we did spot the stallion Coronado (also known as Red Raven) a distance away; and so we began to walk in that direction. As we walked, we heard stallions calling out from the bottom of a hill we were near. At the bottom, we found Shaman’s family.

Shaman and family

Nearby, we could see the cause of Shaman’s calls. Custer was to the north of the family. This bay roan bachelor has been dogging Shaman for a long time now, but he has never found much success.


Bolder was to the south of the family. At this time, he had been living as a bachelor stallion.

Bolder Spring

With these two bachelors around, it wasn’t surprising that Shaman looked a little rough. To me, Shaman always had struck me as a big, strong stallion. That day, though, he seemed to look weaker. This is not surprising, though, considering Bolder and Custer were pressuring him.


That day, March 17, 2007, was the last time I personally saw Shaman leading the family. However, he did keep them for a while after that.

The next time I saw Shaman’s family, they had a new stallion leading them – Bolder. They also had a new addition to the family – A beautiful little filly who biologically belongs to Shaman.

Bolder Family

Shaman was still nearby though. Judging from his fresh bite and kick marks, he and Bolder were still settling into this new arrangement.

Shaman Summer

With his new family, Bolder also inherited the bachelors who often would dog Shaman – Custer and Bo can regularly be seen around the family. Bolder is smart with the family, though; and he works hard to keep them. It also seems possible that the family is bonded with him as he grew up with them.

As the summer has progressed, Bolder and Shaman have developed an interesting relationship. Shaman is essentially still a part of the family. We do see Bolder and Shaman have small confrontations sometimes, but it is never serious. Shaman does help Bolder out, though, by helping to keep bachelor stallions away. On one memorable day, Bolder didn’t just have Bo and Custer dogging him, the old stallion Bigfoot had also come out. A number of other families were nearby, and so Bolder started to move the family away from them and the bachelors. Bigfoot was the first of the bachelors to follow, and Shaman immediately came back and had a confrontation with him. It was great seeing these two old legends acting like they were young stallions again.

Shaman and Bigfoot
Yesterday, there was more interaction between Bolder, Shaman, and three bachelors – Custer, Bo, and Cloud’s son, Flint.
Bolder Boys

The relationship of Shaman and the family was again shown yesterday as Shaman walked to the watering pond with his filly from this year.

Shaman Foal

Before going into the forest, the family was able to peacefully water.

Bolder water

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